Kelly and Zane // Jeter Mountain Wedding

Kelly and Zane are my kind of couple. Calm, cool, and collected on their wedding day. In all my years of doing this, I  think I have found that to be one of the strongest indicators of a great relationship. After all, what's there really to worry about if the whole point of the day is just to bring friends and family together to witness the exchanging of your vows? That will happen no matter what the weather does, what the food tastes like, or what the place settings look like. The forecast called for rain all day, but it held off just long enough for us to have an outside ceremony followed by some beautiful, moody portraits in the cloudy weather. These two never flinched a bit the whole time and just had fun with it. In fact, they hung with me all the way until the downpour (see picture below) and not once did anyone worry about hair, makeup, or dirty shoes. It's was all about them, and that's all that mattered. 

Venue: Jeter Mountain

Hair and Makeup: AnaRie Hair and Makeup

Planning: WNC Weddings and Events

Second Photographer: Ashley Gillett